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Patient Testimonials

If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

Theurer Orthodontics

5 out of 5  based on 13 user reviews.

By Paige & Nathan Vogal


By Leslie P.


“I love bringing my daughter to Dr. Theurer’s office. The staff is always warm and friendly. Dr. Theurer always answers all my questions and makes my daughter feel very comfortable. I went to two other orthodontists before deciding on Dr. Theurer. The others wanted to use palatal expanders that looked very painful! Dr. T is the only one who didn’t use expanders as part of his treatment. We love all of the fun contests too! I would highly recommend Theurer Orthodontics!”

By Rylie


“Thank you so much for straightening my teeth! They have been crooked since fourth grade and you fixed them in a little over a year! Up until now I was pretty weary about orthodontics in general after having braces for eight years and a gum graft, but YOU and YOUR TEAM here are AWESOME! And I recommend you to everyone!”

By Selida R.


“What can I say? This is my second time having braces and now after meeting Theurer Orthodontics I am sure this will be my last. At the age of 28 I thought I was going to be treated differently but I wasn’t. I was treated with the same kindness and respect everyone else. This place great! Great doctor and great staff!”

By Brynlee W.


“I really like Theurer Orthodontics because you guys are so friendly and right when we walked through the door, you greeted us with a friendly hello and told us about all of your iPads, Leapfrogs, game room, and drinks! I am so glad I have you guys as my orthodontist because you are all so fun to be around. Dr. Theurer is a really nice person and the first thing he did when he met me was make a joke because he had lotion on his hands so he told me my hand would be slimy after shaking his hand! I really like this orthodontist because you have this rewards card! Any kid would want to get points and get gift cards to lots of popular places! I am really happy to be a patient for your orthodontics because you answered all of my questions with a friendly smile and all of my questions were answered happily! Thank you for being a really good orthodontist and friend!”

By Emily S.


“Dr. Theurer is the best orthodontist, has a great staff, and he makes everything fun about going to the orthodontist. He makes his office kid friendly, keeps the most up-to-date technology, and has fun contests to keep us all enjoying our adventure in braces! My sister had her braces done here too and it has been eight years since she got them off and her smile is as beautiful as ever!”

By Kelsey C.


“I have been to many orthodontists trying to find the best one to go to. Theurer Orthodontics is by far my favorite! Everyone there is so nice and wanting to make you feel comfortable. I would recommend them to anyone!”

By Toni H.


“Thank you so much for everything you have done! I’m so grateful!”

By Anna G.


“I live near Cedar but my mom took me to three orthodontists in St. George they were all recommended by my dentist. My mom talked to me about how we can stop and listen to our feelings and what our feelings and thoughts are telling us. She said that just like when I am lost I should stop and look for a person that makes me feel good inside and then ask them for help, she said I should do the same as we visit the orthodontists, too. My mom told me that I could help decide where I went but that I had to be honest in talking about the way I felt with each office, not just picking the one that had the coolest prizes. The first guy we went too had an AWESOME office and I really wanted to go there, but my mom said we needed to check out the other three offices as well. The second one we went to was Dr. Theurer and my mom loved his office. I thought his staff and him were SUPER nice. After we left the third office my mom asked me how I felt, I told her there was just something about the last one that I didn’t like and she agreed that it was not where she wanted me to go. I told her I loved the first one because of the toys and prizes but that it didn’t feel right either. Dr. Theurer’s office just felt right to me; I felt like he was a really nice guy and I would pick him out of a crowd for help if I were lost. I was glad that my mom talked to me about how to trust my thoughts and feelings because I know we made the right decision. My mom said Dr. Theurer was her first pick as well.”

By Shannon C.


“Thank you very much for buying my F.F.A. lamb. I worked hard to make it to the fair. Your generosity is appreciated more than you will ever know. Hope to see you at the 2012 A.V. Fair. Once again, thank you very much.”

By Delia S.


“I’m very glad to have found this office. The staff are very friendly and know what they’re doing. It’s quite apparent that Dr. Theurer will give you the best options and guide you through your process. I’ve been to many dentists and this one, by far, is the best.”

By Lexie G.


“I just want to say thanks—you guys really rock. All of your staff, including you, Dr. Theurer, are super-duper nice to my brother and me. I really like all the contests you guys do. I always wanted braces until I got them, but after I noticed they are not bad because you guys are the best at it. Thanks for helping me and my brother out with our teeth problems. I really appreciate it.”

By Perry S.


“Theurer Orthodontics staff (including Dr. Theurer) is always friendly and professional; high tech without being intimidating. Both my sons have been there, so that was where I went when I wanted to check out Invisalign®. I have them now and it is going great. Thanks, Dr. Theurer and staff.”