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Damon® Smile Costs

Enhancing your smile is an investment in yourself that goes beyond appearances. It elevates your self-assurance, self-esteem, and overall perspective on life. The cost of orthodontic treatment, such as Damon Smile braces, should encourage you to attain the smile you’ve always desired.

How Much Does Damon Smile Cost?

The cost of braces is unique to each individual, and during your initial consultation, we will evaluate your specific needs to determine the cost of Damon Smile braces. Factors like case complexity, treatment duration, and insurance coverage can influence the final cost.

Insurance Coverage

Many dental insurance plans include coverage for orthodontic treatment, which extends to Damon Smile. The extent of coverage can vary, so it’s advisable to consult your provider to understand the level of support for your treatment.

Payment Options

We offer flexible payment plans, including budget-friendly monthly installments, to align with your needs. Additionally, various payment arrangements are available to accommodate your Flex Plan requirements, and we accept most major credit cards for your convenience.